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Jump start your career with a business degree

The Associate in Business Degree is a pathway to the four-year Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Degree. You’ll learn the basics of business management while also completing general studies courses. While the degree is designed as a stepping stone to the bachelor’s degree program, it also provides you with the basic skills for an entry-level position in business.


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Be ready. SMC students earn an associate degree when they successfully complete the halfway point of a bachelor’s degree. Two degrees in four years means you’ll get a valuable degree for the first two years of college work – something many other colleges don’t offer. A two-year degree can help you earn better pay while you’re finishing up your bachelor’s degree. It can also be a safety net in case you have to pause your college studies for financial, family, or other reasons.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people with an associate degree earn approximately $8,000 more per year than workers with just a high school education. Our Associate in Arts provides you with the first leg up in your career, whether you choose to pursue a four-year degree right away or wait.


It’s your future – pick your degree pathway

 Your plan for the future starts with choosing the degree program that works for you. An Associate in Business Degree will start you on the path to a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. You’ll learn the basic skills needed to determine what area of business you want to specialize in at the next level. Whether you’re interested in marketing or management or starting your own business, you’ll be prepared to finish your four-year degree.

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All the knowledge (and skills) you’ll need

While there are a number of specializations within the business world, the Associate in Business Degree is designed to give you basic knowledge in many of those areas. This base education will prepare you to choose your specialization in your bachelor’s degree pursuit. You’ll learn the ins and outs of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship to prepare for your future.

What You’ll Do with an Associate in Business Degree

Graduates with an Associate in Business Degree are not only prepared to move on to a bachelor’s degree program, they are also prepared to move into beginning roles in the business world. Some career choices for this degree include: 

  • Sales associate 
  • Office manager 
  • Real estate agent 
  • Marketing coordinator 
  • Human resources representative 
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