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Bachelor of ArtsReligion Concentration

SMC’s customizable Bachelor of Arts Degree is an interdisciplinary degree program that allows you to customize your education by choosing two concentrations. Choosing a religion concentration will immerse you in religious studies to prepare for a career in a religious capacity, teaching religion, or simply for students who enjoy the study of religion.

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Degrees that Put You to Work

Be ready. Your SMC degree will prepare you to step right into the work world with a solid academic foundation. You’ll also benefit from the Camak Core professional development program as part of your degree. The Camak Core courses give you the opportunity for practical experiences and workplace skills development while you’re still in college. After graduation, you’ll succeed faster, feel more confident and adjust much more quickly to working life.

It’s Your Future ­– Pick Your Degree Pathway

Your plan for the future starts with choosing the degree program that works for you. Matching your interests with your degree and career path gives you a better chance of success and enjoying what you do. With a religion concentration, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the clergy or other religious pursuit.


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Degree Plan

All the Knowledge (and Skills) You’ll Need

With a religion concentration, graduates will learn about various religious and spiritual concepts, providing a background to follow their passion into the church or related industry. Students will study spiritual traditions, Christian ethics, the Torah, women in religion, and other concepts.

What You’ll Do with a Religion Degree

Bachelor of Arts Degree graduates will have a wide range of job prospects available to them. With a religion concentration, those options include: 

  • Chaplain 
  • Missionary 
  • Teacher 
  • Youth Director 
  • Seminary Student 
  • Pastor
  • Archivist
  • Outreach Specialist
  • Curator
  • Historian
  • Mediator

Affordable for a Reason

Thanks to our generous scholarship and financial aid opportunities, it’s likely you’ll pay way less than you think for an SMC education. You may even be able to attend tuition-free! Check it out for yourself!

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What’s Camak Core

It's our for-credit career readiness courses that give you workplace skills now, so you can stand out to employers later.

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