Camak Core Introduction

Career and life skills are the core of every SMC degree.

The best return on your college investment is a great job and a successful life. At SMC, your degree is focused on skills that give you more options and opportunities, no matter where your career or life take you.

Employers Want Career Skills

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) found that employers see a gap between expected skills and graduate readiness in a recent study.

Watch: SMC's Camak Core Focuses Your Degree on Career and Life Skills


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Major in career and life skills at the same time you earn a degree

The Camak Core is SMC's career/life skills "major" featuring hands-on experiences for all students.

A pie chart showing the three concentrations (academic and career) in the bachelor's degree

Academic concentrations are like mini-majors. You can customize your SMC degree by picking two concentrations. All students take the Camak Core concentration.

Communication, teamwork, collaboration, understanding information, and problem-solving are skills that need to be learned and practiced. Employers want you to have those skills before you start work, no matter what career path you choose.  You'll learn these and other skills by participating in project-based and hands-on learning experiences in your Camak Core classes.
Pro tip: these same career skills that can make you a main character at work can also make you a main character in life.

Geovana Batres Ardon Wins First Place in APEX Showcase 

Senior Capstone Presentations Culminate Career Skills Learning  

APEX Showcase Winners
Geovana Batres Ardon wins first place with "A College Path Para Todos" Shelby Allisun Lopez finished second with "Art by Shelby Allisun" Cristian Bonilla Cruz finished third with "ESL with English Crossing"


Camak Core classes start in your junior year at SMC.

By graduation, you'll have the skills and confidence you need to be successful.

A pie chart showing the three concentrations (academic and career) in the bachelor's degree
SMC students presenting their senior capstone project ideas at a career networking event.

WATCH: How the Camak Core Fits Into Your SMC Degree (and why it's called "Camak Core!")

Your academic major teaches you learning skills. The Camak Core teaches you career skills.

Both are important, but employers seek career skills first in addition to your major or grade point average when deciding who to hire.

See what the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found employers are looking for in career-readiness.

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Watch: Rodney Setzer ('23) Learned First-Hand How the Camak Core Applies in the Workplace.

Watch: Quinn Mann used the skills he learned in the Camak Core to advance his pursuit of a law degree.

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Check out the Camak Core classes:

Class 1: Professional Communications

Communicating in the workplace is different than communicating in the classroom. This course will prepare you for an internship, teaches you how to network like a pro, and helps develop your interview and resume skills.

Class 2: Internship

You'll complete 120 internship hours as part of your SMC degree. You can do all of your hours during one semester, or break it up into 40-hour increments over several semesters. You get to pick the internship experience(s), and we'll help you get placed with a company.

Class 3: Community Discovery & Engagement

Let's be real: if you want a good job, you need to have problem-solving skills. This hands-on experience lets you work as a team with Spartanburg community partners to solve a real problem for a real organization.

Professional Development and Leadership

Being a leader isn't about being the most important person at a company or on a team. No matter what job title you have, leadership is about knowing how to be a good work teammate, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and working to continuously improve (personally and professionally).  

Applied Technology

No matter what career you choose, some basic tech skills will give you a head start for job success and make you career-ready at graduation! Most colleges don't teach these skills, but at SMC, you’ll receive certificates in many technologies you can use in almost any career, including Microsoft Excel, data collection, website creation, and many others. 

Capstone Project

You'll showcase all of the career skills you learned over the past two years in a project of your choice. Start your own business, plan an incredible event, or create an organization that helps others. The project possibilities are endless but you now have the skills to do it. The confidence you'll gain from this final, incredible SMC experience is another important benefit. See 2022 student projects.

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