Meet Marilyn Murphy

Meet Marilyn Murphy

Marilyn Murphy

About me: Hi! I’m Marilyn Murphy.

Q: Why did you choose to be a Trustee for SMC, and what is your connection to SMC? 

A: I had been on SMC's Campus many times with Mission U (formerly School of Christian Mission) and United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women). I wanted to learn more about this very special place, so I read Dr. David Camak's book, "Human Gold from Southern Hills," about his founding of the Textile Industrial Institute (now Spartanburg Methodist College). After reading his story of all those who were able to get an education in the heart of a former mill village through a unique work/study program, I was even more impressed with SMC, not only for what it had been to the community of Spartanburg and surrounding areas then, but how it has remained so today. Liz Patterson, (SMC Board Member & serving on the Nominating Committee at the time) and I had served together as delegates to the United Methodist General Conference, and she was aware of my work as a past UMW President of the South Carolina Conference and as The Advocate Board Chairman. She thought I would be a good fit for the board as a United Methodist and when Dr. Colleen Keith called to ask me to be put on the 2015 slate of new trustees, it was an easy "Yes."

Q: What do you like most about being an SMC Trustee? 

A: I like being a part of a progressive board that not only cares deeply about the students as individuals but seeing that they get a quality education and building character along the way. I like going to board meetings and seeing results that the president, the executive staff, the outstanding educators, and everyone at every level of employment contributes so unselfishly because they believe in SMC and how it can make a positive impact on every single student. It was also awesome to be a trustee voting to make SMC a four- year school offering bachelor's degrees.

Q: In your own words, what is SMC's mission and purpose?

A: I see Spartanburg Methodist as a safe place in a Christian atmosphere where students of every ability can come under any circumstances and leave not only a better educated person but one of great worth. That is our mission. That is our purpose. 

Q: What do you like to do for fun? 

A: Whether it is playing bridge, reading, book club, social clubs, bible studies, riding my bicycle, water aerobics, strength and fitness workouts, walking, hiking, or doing yoga I consider it fun. Even being involved in various community agencies and church activities is fun.