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2022 Fall

Professional Development is at the Core of an SMC Degree

Dr. David English Camak had a vision when he founded the Textile Industrial Institute in 1911. It was a partnership between industry and community that would provide workers with the education and training they needed to advance their careers.

Donor Spotlight: Charles E. Atchison, Sr. and Charlita Atchison Moss, Atchison Transportation Services, Inc.

Hard work and perseverance were two key attributes of Charles Atchison’s success in building a transportation empire. They’re also two traits that the Atchison family encourages young students at SMC to use in pursuing their own dreams.

Board Member Spotlight: Rev. Jerry Gadsden

The Methodist Church has been an important part of Rev. Jerry Gadsden’s life since he was a child. He knew it would continue to be important to him but not necessarily in leading a congregation until he received his calling from a higher power.

One Voice: SMC Adopts Single Advisor Approach

Navigating college can be a challenge. How do I sign up for classes and what classes do I need to take? What resources are there to find an internship? Who do I call if I’m struggling and just need some advice and direction?

Alumni Profile: Amanda Rosa Banchs ‘21

Amanda Rosa Banchs loves books. She likes reading them, selling them, and really just being around them. This love guided her to an internship with Hub City Writers Project during her senior year at Spartanburg Methodist College, which has now led her to a spot in the prestigious Denver Publishing Institute (DPI).

Alumni Profile: Cameron Martin (’11)

Cameron Martin has wanted to go into medicine since middle school after his cousin suffered an episode of diabetic seizures. His cousin recovered, and Cameron is now pursuing the dream that was born during that difficult time.

Alumni Profile: Jason Pike (‘86)

After a career of working in the Army to help prevent diseases in soldiers, Jason Pike (’86) decided to help his country once again and joined the team at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the fight against the COVID pandemic.

Alumni Profile: Phil Gaines ‘79

For nearly four decades, SMC alum Phil Gaines got up, put on his work clothes, and hiked to the office – that’s right, hiked.

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Alumni Class Notes

In Memoriam: Phyllis Buchheit DeLapp

The SMC family suffered a tremendous loss over the summer as one of its leading supporter, Phyllis Buchheit DeLapp, passed away at the age of 86.

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In Memoriam

Graduate Profile: Lexi Cobb ‘22

College is a place for students to grow, learn, and develop into working adults. Some enter college knowing exactly what path they want to pursue. Some rely on college to show them their path.

Graduate Profile: Selena Soto ’22

It’s good to try new things but always remember to love and accept who you are. That’s the message Selena Soto promotes in the new children’s book she published to show young kids that they are loved for who they are and not what they do.

Graduate Profile: Ben Byrd ‘22

A college degree is an important accomplishment for many people. For some, that milestone is derailed when life gets in the way. For Ben Byrd, having to stop pursuing his degree more than 45 years ago could have been a roadblock, but he was determined to make it just a speed bump.

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Three New Trustees Join SMC Board

Spartanburg Methodist College welcomed three new trustees to its board of directors following their approval at the South Carolina Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in June.

Dr. Curt Laird Named New Provost at SMC

Following a national search that turned up several qualified candidates, Spartanburg Methodist College selected Dr. Curt Laird as the new provost and executive vice president (EVP), replacing interim provost Kris Neely on July 1, 2022.

Faculty: Dr. Ethan Birney

History is one of the most important academic pursuits to any student’s academic career. Earlier this year, History Professor Dr. Ethan Birney was awarded a $2,000 Course Enhancement Grant from Boston University’s African Studies Center to enhance his Modern World History course (HIST 112).

Faculty: Dr. Kelly Neil

Earlier this year, Dr. Kelly Neil, professor of English and British literature at SMC, published an article called, "A Life in 'Parcels': Shakespeare's Othello and the Digital Commonplace Book in the Literature Survey."

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Faculty: Dr. Ethan Birney, Dr. Cole Cheek, Dr. Kirk Hansen

A group of SMC faculty and students have started a project to collect, preserve, and share the stories of the Upstate’s veterans. The project was inspired by one professor’s inspiration to preserve his father’s story.

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Six New Professors Join SMC Faculty

Athletics Spotlight: Ephraim Butler

For many who face adversity at a young age, sports can provide a refuge. They can be a place to escape the pain for a while or a place to find comfort among friends. For some, it can even be a place to find purpose and direction.

SMC Landmark Wins Noble Tree Contest

A long-standing figure on the Spartanburg Methodist College campus was recently elevated from everyday fixture to nobility with the click of a shutter.

Employee Profile: Jerone Wilder

Alzheimer’s. It’s a scary word and a difficult word for someone to hear. For many, it’s a diagnosis that strikes fear in the knowledge that you will fade from your loved one’s memory. For some it can be a call to action to fight for both your loved one and the loved ones of others.

SMC Team Earns Top-15 Finish in First Try at Business Pitch Competition

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the keys to their success is their willingness to take a chance and put themselves out there. One group of enterprising SMC students did just that and earned a top-15 finish in the SC Innovates statewide business pitch competition for their effort.

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Students Success: Summer Interns