Bachelor’s Degree FAQ

Bachelor’s Degree FAQ

We know you’ve got questions. That’s why we’re here!

Frequently asked questions about the Bachelor’s Degree

Q: Can I transfer into the bachelor’s degree program from another college?

A: Yes, you may transfer into SMC’s bachelor’s degree program with an associate degree or equivalent amount of course credit. Visit our application page to get started.

Q: What bachelor’s degrees does SMC offer?

A: We offer a two Bachelor’s Degree — a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a customizable Bachelor of Arts that allows you to choose two concentrations (similar to majors) so that you increase your academic knowledge and skills. The concentrations offered are business, criminal justice, English, history, psychology and religion. Students will also take 18-hours of professional development (soft skills and experiences for personal and career success), in SMC’s Camak Core, as part of both Bachelor’s Degree programs.

Q: Will the college still offer the associate degree?

A: Yes, students who enter SMC as freshmen will receive an associate degree after completing two years of general college courses. Students who choose to pursue a four-year degree may then seamlessly transition into the final two years of college to complete SMC’s bachelor’s degree or transfer to another institution.

Q: Will the scholarship I earned for my associate degree apply to my bachelor’s degree?

A: Yes, if you meet the GPA and credit hours requirements for your scholarship, you can apply that scholarship to your bachelor’s degree.

Q: What is the Camak Core?

A: The Camak Core, named for SMC’s founder, Dr. David English Camak, is a required 6 courses – or 18 hours of degree credit – of professional development (soft skills and experiences for personal and career success). The Camak Core makes up one-third of your total degree hours. These classes and hands-on career experiences will give you an 18- to 24-month head start on learning the habits, skills and behaviors that are vital for workplace success. No other liberal arts college offers this much career preparation for college credit. Watch this video to learn more!

Q: What is professional development?

A: Professional development is getting you ready for the workforce. No matter what field you go into– business, non-profit, government agencies– you need to know how to communicate, conduct yourself in a professional manner, and lead projects. The professional development courses offered in Camak Core will give you skills to excel in the workplace.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Current SMC students will be contacted by a PAC advisor to set up appointments for advisement and registration after eligibility notification is received. Transfer students will be contacted by the college after they are admitted into the program to register for classes.

Q: Will SMC’s athletic programs change?

A: No, the college will still be a member of the NJCAA. SMC athletes will have two years of eligibility for each NJCAA sports they participate in regardless of what degree program they are enrolled in (A.A/A.S. or B.A.). If you have more questions about athletic eligibility, contact Megan Aiello, SMC Athletic Director, at