Alumni Profile – Albert Rose, Class of 1993

Alumni Profile – Albert Rose, Class of 1993

This article appeared originally in the Fall 2019 issue of Frontiers Magazine

Albert RoseIf you asked Albert Rose to categorize his work as a financial representative with Principal Financial Group in one word, he would pick service. “I feel called to serve and help others through smart financial and retirement planning,” he says. “People live in the day-to-day reality of their work and lives, but they need help considering their long-term plans. I get to help with that process.”

For him, his work is a calling where he can impact individuals across South Carolina in an area that is critically important to an individual’s future success.

Albert’s dedication to serving others, however, started before his time in the financial world. At SMC, Albert was involved with the campus community as a student, friend, and peer tutor. From intramural basketball to tennis after classes, he was engaged with his classmates and felt connected to the community on campus. As a peer tutor, he assisted fellow students with math, English, and other subjects.

It was an invaluable experience for him as he learned how to tailor his explanations to the needs of each individual. It’s a skill that has served him well in his current occupation.

“I get to help each person I work with design a game plan for their financial future. Knowing how to adapt my message to each client has been helpful.” He credits SMC for preparing him with both practical people skills and a servant leadership mindset. “The faculty and staff at Spartanburg Methodist College feel called to serve their students and to prepare them for the next step in life,” he says. “I kept in touch with many of my professors and advisers throughout my time at SMC and early professional years. Their dedication and belief in me has given me inspiration throughout my career.”

Now as a financial representative, father, and husband he hopes to continue his life of servant leadership for many years to come.

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