Camak Core Success Stories: Lexi Cobb

Camak Core Success Stories: Lexi Cobb

Lexi Cobb had a plan for her future. But, as many of us find out, you have to be flexible in life to get to where you want to go.

For Lexi, her plan to get a two-year degree at SMC and move on to a four-year program at another college took a swift turn when she found out SMC was adding its own four-year degrees. The connections she made in her first two years and the comfortable environment convinced her to finish her bachelor’s degree right here at SMC.

Along her new path, she learned that SMC provided her more than a comfortable path to her degree. It provided her with important professional development skills that led her to a great opportunity after graduation. With the confidence and skills the Camak Core professional development program gave her, Lexi landed a spot in a new internship program at Gragg Financial. Their intern-to-perm program has put Lexi on the path to a full-time career after graduation.

Watch now to learn about Lexi’s journey and how SMC and its professional development curriculum helped her navigate a new path to career success.

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