Five tips for doing schoolwork remotely

Five tips for doing schoolwork remotely

For the rest of this semester, your classroom is going to look a little different. While we’re all having to adjust our daily routines, the basic principles of being a successful student remain the same – ask for help, manage your time, and communicate with your professors and classmates. Below are hacks to increase your success when doing your schoolwork remotely.

1. Communicate with your professors

Ask questions, virtually raise your hand, and reach out for help when you need it by using technology! Each of your professors has shared with you the best way to get in touch with them (i.e., email, Brightspace, text, etc.). They are here to support you and help you grow, so don’t be shy about reaching out.

2. Set a schedule

It can be tempting to push back doing your schoolwork when you don’t have a set time to be in a classroom every day, but creating a daily schedule will help you stay on top of assignments. Take a blank sheet of paper or Word document and block off chunks of times for each of your classes. Set reminders for deadlines, so you don't miss a due date.

3. Don’t wear your pajamas to class every day

Okay, yes, we’re all wearing our pajamas a little more than we normally do. And sure, it's nice to be comfortable while you're working from home, but putting on real pants like you would before going to class in-person is a good way to get into the mindset of “it’s time to go to school.”

4. Encourage your classmates

Email, text, and call your classmates with words of encouragement! SMC’s close-knit community makes our college a special place, and we challenge all Pioneers to strengthen our community during this shared experience. Use technology to stay in touch and remind each other that we can get through this together.

5. Stay up to date with SMC news

Check your SMC email and our COVID-19 webpage to stay informed about campus news and resources.

We want to hear from our Pioneers about how you’re doing school remotely! Share your tips with us at or tag us in your social media posts. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see how your fellow Pioneers are getting creative with their new routines.

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