The National Honor Society in Psychology Presents Viva Academia A PSI BETA Seminar

Let Us Celebrate Academics!  Featuring the Scholarly Research of our SMC Students!!!

On the 10th of April in the Gibbs Auditorium PSI BETA presented the following:

● Ryan Almquist:  “Nature, Nurture and Homosexuality”

● Daniel “Bear “ Berends: “Cultural Attachments Styles”

● Alexander Haulbrook:  “Can One Survive Being Pain-Free?”

● Brady Farnsworth: “Peaceful vs. Non-Peaceful Segregation: An Example of the Methods of Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X in the Civil Rights Movement”

● Leah Meahl:  “When Reality is Stranger Than Fiction: To Kill a Mockingbird and the Scottsboro Boys”

● Alyssa M. Sherrill: “A Home Away From Home: Assisted Living Facilities” and “She’s Not That Much of a Lady: Women of the 1920s”