Alumni Majors Videos

Alumni Majors Videos

GIVE BACK OPPORTUNITY: Share your experience with prospective students!

Many high school students question the value of a college education. Hearing from alumni about the value they received from SMC can help convince a student to give college a try.

The Marketing Office is collecting short videos from alumni that can be shown to students (current or prospective). Want to help? Here's how:

  1. Use your smartphone or computer camera to record a short video.
  2. Your video should be no longer than two minutes.
  3. In your video, answer this question: How did what you studied at SMC help prepare you for your job or career?
  4. You can be creative about how you start your video or you can simply say, "Hi SMC Pioneers, my name is XX, and I want to tell you how what I studied at SMC helped prepare me for my job."
  5. If your SMC degree didn't directly prepare you for your four-year degree or for the job you're doing today, that's OKAY! Instead, answer this question in your video: How did your time at SMC help prepare you for your job or career? (see #4 for a tip on how to introduce the topic in your video).


Video Tips:

Don't stress! Students just want to hear your great advice! If you have extra time and want to shoot a better-quality video, use these tips:

  • Shoot outside facing the sun so that the light brightens up your shot and isn’t behind you. If you shoot inside, use a room that’s well-lit with lots of natural sunlight or lighting.

  • Choose a quiet room or outside location. Speak directly into the microphone if possible and stand as close to it as possible to get the best audio.

  • If you use a webcam, put it at eye level. Looking down at the camera will make your chin and neck look disproportionate to your face. You may need to raise your laptop by placing it on a stack of books. Or, you can put your smartphone into a sneaker and sit it on a stack of books. Frame yourself in the middle of the screen so that there is not too much space above your head (headroom). Make sure you are looking directly at the camera, not at some other part of the computer screen. Don’t forget to smile!

  • Keep it short. Two minutes or less is key.

  • Make sure you say your name, the year you graduated from SMC  or the years you attended, and your current job title or career field.

  •  Answer the question in #3 or #5 above.

  • That's it! You're all done!

How to submit your video:

  • Computer video: Upload your video by clicking the "Choose File" button and then "Submit."
  • Smartphone video: Email your video as an attachment to: Please include your full name in the text!

Your video will be provided to prospective students on the SMC website and on the SMC YouTube page. Students may receive email with a link to view your video. If SMC edits your video (to shorten or for clarity), we will reach out to you for final approval before the edited video is provided to students. By submitting a video, you consent to its use by SMC for marketing purposes.

  • MOV, MP4 and WMV files accepted; 15MB file size. If your file size is too large to upload, save your video to Dropbox, Google Doc, etc., and send the link to
    Accepted file types: mov, mp4, wmv, Max. file size: 15 MB.