Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund's role in SMC's success is vital. It's the core of SMC’s philanthropic programs, providing an expanded base of financial support in unrestricted gifts year after year. It would take an additional $20 million in endowment to achieve what was provided last year by Annual Fund donors.

Unrestricted gifts to the annual fund enable the College to meet the day-to-day, and sometimes extraordinary, costs of operating a superior small college. Contributions benefit every SMC student and faculty member by providing essential resources for a variety of expenses.

Annual Fund Quick Facts:

  • Only 75% of the college's operating funds are covered by tuition and fees; the rest come from the Annual Fund.
  • Without donations to the Annual Fund, the college would need to add another $20 million to the Endowment to cover costs.
  • Annual Fund contributions are used by the college to meet vital, day-to-day expenses as well as scholarships that keep tuition affordable.
  • Annual Fund gifts have the most immediate impact on the students, faculty and staff of the college.

Annual Fund support allows the College to:

  • Provide scholarships for the more than 90% of students who receive financial aid each year
  • Support faculty research and professional development
  • Enhance student life, academic advisement, and career services programs
  • Add books, periodicals, and other research materials to the library
  • Upgrade campus technology
  • Maintain SMC’s facilities and grounds.

A donation to make a significant difference in the futures of young people is tremendously rewarding. The financial gift that you contribute will help deserving students achieve their dream by providing an education upon which to build successful careers.

Every gift to the Annual Fund, regardless of the size, has an immediate and meaningful impact on the Spartanburg Methodist College community.

Here are just a few examples of what your ANNUAL FUND gift can provide:

  • $25-a soft-cover book for the library
  • $50-a carton of beakers for the science laboratory
  • $150-software for the computer lab
  • $300-one week’s wages for 10 students participating in SMC’s work study program
  • $1,100-a classroom computer.

Gifts to the Annual Fund help meet the College’s operating costs, as only 70-75 percent of he annual operating budget will be covered by tuition and fees. Your gift will help to sustain Spartanburg Methodist College’s strong legacy of providing financial aid for bright students.