SMC Senior Appreciates Lessons, Value of Camak Core

Professional Development Prepares DePaoli for Career

SMC senior Conor DePaoli took an unconventional route to college. After working abroad in the tourism industry for a few years, DePaoli found himself at a crossroads when the pandemic shut down his previous job. 

After returning to the Spartanburg area to stay with his parents during the pandemic, he started to revisit the idea of getting his college degree. He was familiar with SMC from visiting the campus during his childhood and decided to apply. That’s a decision he says he doesn’t regret for a second. 

As an aspiring musician, DePaoli wanted to get a business degree to gain the knowledge and skills to manage his music career. He was excited when SMC announced they were offering four-year degrees, which meant he could continue to study at the college he loved. He was also excited by a new program the College introduced, the Camak Core. DePaoli knew from his real-life work experience the skills needed to navigate the workplace, and he was excited about the opportunity to advance those skills in the professional development program. 

Learn more about Conor’s experience with the Camak Core in the video below.

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