SMC’s Psi Beta Chapter Earns Two Significant Awards

Spartanburg Methodist College’s Psi Beta chapter recently won two awards for the 2015-2016 school year. The chapter received the Ann Garrett Robinson College Life Award for the first time and the Chapter Excellence Award for the fifth consecutive year. “SMC’s chapter has been recognized by the national organization for several years, and we commend members and leaders for their commitment to excellence,” said Dr. Ann Bowles, executive vice president for academic affairs and student development. “What a great way to start another year of transforming the lives of the young people entrusted to us!”

The College Life Award is given to chapters whose programs promote the quality of two-year college life and advance the discipline of psychology. A National Honor Society in psychology for community and junior colleges, SMC Psi Beta received the College Life Award because of the success of Psi Beta Seminars presented throughout the past school year. The seminars tackled numerous theories and topics often discussed in psychology classes and brought to life by guest and faculty speakers through the discussion of actual life events. Seminars included “The Causal and Protective Factors of Child Neglect” with Dr. Monica McCoy; “PTSD: The Invisible Wounds of War” with Dr. Craig Burnette; “Altruism: The Psychology of Giving. The Izabella McMillon Story” with Ms. Izabella McMillon; and others.

According to SMC Psi Beta Head Adviser Dr. Mary Jane L. Farmer, the chapter has become a household name because of the seminars. “Psi Beta never fails to contribute to the life and quality of learning within and beyond the campus,” she says. “A countless number of students have actually changed their majors to psychology.” Dr. Farmer directs SMC Psi Beta with assistance from Pete Aylor, psychology professor, and director of SMC’s Career and Transfer Services, and Sue Onken, college counselor. Onken is grateful for the series offered to staff and students. “ them insight into a vast area of human experiences and needs, professional services available and career options for their enlightenment and consideration,” she explains.

Since its first award in 2011, SMC Psi Beta has earned the Psi Beta Chapter Excellence Award five years in a row. Chapters must meet or exceed the standards of chapter excellence criteria outlined by the national organization and complete activities that reflect leadership, scholarship, community service, and research principles within Psi Beta’s mission. “It is humbling to be recognized by the Psi Beta National Chapter,” says Farmer. “The bar is set high for us to serve SMC through Psi Beta via the guiding principles of leadership, scholarship, community service and research.”

About Psi Beta
Psi Beta is a National Honor Society in psychology for community and junior colleges. Its mission is to encourage professional development and psychological literacy of all students at two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. Membership to Psi Beta is by invitation only. To be considered, SMC students must have at least 12 college credits, earn a B or higher in PSYC 101, maintain a 3.25 GPA and be of good moral character. Over 450 SMC students have achieved lifetime membership to Psi Beta.