Spartanburg Methodist College Celebrating the Season with Alternative Christmas Office Party

On Friday, December 5, 2014 Spartanburg Methodist College will hold its annual Christmas Party. However, like many organizations today, this year SMC was looking for a better way to celebrate Christmas for its employees.

“Today’s overall economic woes, less tolerance for overindulgence, and lack of employee engagement is causing human resource departments all across the country to look at the feasibility of the traditional holiday office party, which tends to be both expensive and energy-consuming,” explained Jenny Dunn, Director of Human Resources and Special Assistant to the President at SMC.

Friday’s holiday celebration will be held from 11 am to 1:30 pm in the Phyllis Buchheit Board Room at SMC and will focus on giving back to the community. Faced with competition for employee time, attention and energy during the December holiday season, and ever-mindful of the College’s financial investment, SMC President Dr. Colleen Perry Keith was committed to keeping things “merry” for her staff while also being a good steward to the supporters of the college.

“The goal is to decorate and fill 500 gift bags for the College’s young friends at Jesse Bobo Elementary School. We will enjoy lively holiday music, great food and awesome fellowship, providing an opportunity for faculty, staff as well as members of our Board of Trustees to participate in a team-building, morale boosting holiday party that will make Christmas brighter for a special group of young people,” shared Keith.

Research shows employees find charitable giving motivational and exciting. According to Dunn, “our employees have enjoyed seeing the piles of snack food, school supplies, small toys and other donated gifts growing in the President’s Office.”