Spartanburg Methodist College Launches New Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Spartanburg Methodist College Launches New Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

On Monday, December 14, Spartanburg Methodist College announced the debut of its all-new Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration four-year degree, continuing the expansion of its education opportunities.

The new degree program provides SMC students the opportunity to earn a highly sought degree in business administration in one of three tracks: accounting and finance; marketing and sales; or management and entrepreneurship.

“We are excited to launch this new degree, providing our students the education and skills they need to make an immediate impact in the business world,” said Scott Cochran, president of SMC. “Combined with our Camak Core professional development program, SMC graduates will have an advantage over other candidates after graduation."

Starting in the fall of 2021, the new B.A. in Business Administration will provide an in-depth business education for students, better preparing them for the intricacies of a role in the corporate world. The curriculum focuses on the foundation of a business education with an additional, track-specific set of courses to further develop students’ understanding in their chosen field. It also includes SMC’s unique Camak Core professional development program, which teaches students key soft skills companies look for, including engagement, professional communications, leadership, and more.

“This degree was built specifically to prepare young people for the workforce and for job placement,” said Jonathan Keisler, chair of the SMC business department and director of the bachelor’s degree program. “The job prospects with this degree are booming across the country and we want our students prepared to step into those roles.”

The program is led by instructors with business experience who can lean on their background to teach students using real-world scenarios.

Students enrolling in the Business Degree program will be required to have an Associate Degree, which students may obtain at SMC, or equivalent credit hours and a GPA of 2.0. The degree consists of 18 credit hours (approximately six classes) of core business courses in ethics, management, marketing, accounting, finance, and law; 18 credit hours in the SMC Camak Core professional development program; 18 credit hours in the specific track chosen; and six credit hours in either a foreign language or upper-level electives. The program will also be offered online for students who have previously completed their associate degree or equivalent course study to qualify for the final two years of the bachelor’s degree.

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