The Value of an SMC Education


Value means support from enrollment to employment

A college degree will increase your student's earning power significantly over his or her working years. SMC provides a complete college experience for your student without breaking your bank account. Plus, we offer personal and academic support for your student that they won't get at any other college.

Explore the ways we support your student from the moment they enroll through getting their first career opportunity after graduation.


   Parent to Parent: SMC President Scott Cochran

Free Tuition

SC students with a 3.0 GPA (high school or college) pay no tuition to attend SMC. Learn more about our Full Tuition Scholarship Package.

Financial Aid

Students who don't qualify for free tuition have many other options to afford an SMC education. Learn about about grants, scholarships and loans.

Career Preparation

It takes more than a degree to succeed in the workplace. Discover how SMC prepares your student with the soft skills to excel in their profession.

Personal Support

Balancing college with life is tough. Every SMC student has a personal academic advisor and a success team to help them stay on track to graduate.

Campus Life

Your student can live on SMC's small, friendly campus. Your child will learn to live on their own, with support every step of the way.

Stackable Degrees

All SMC students earn a two-year degree at the mid-point of earning a four-year degree. This extra credential can be a life-saver if life happens.

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