Two Year Degree (Associate)

At SMC, your first two years of college will be spent taking general education courses with the goal of earning an associate degree.

Steps to success: start with an associate degree

  • Unlike most colleges and universities, you’ll earn a real degree for these first two years of courses. If you have to postpone finishing college because of financial or family difficulties, you’ll still have a valuable college degree.
  • With an associate degree, you can get higher-paying part-time jobs while you finish your four-year degree. Many employers will consider you for an entry-level position in your chosen career field because you have a degree in hand. Plus, you’ll start getting career experience early, and you’ll earn money that can help pay student loans while you finish your final two years of college. Why spend your college years as a restaurant waiter when you could begin working in your career field?
  • Getting your associate degree first can set you up to finish your four-year degree on time. If you’re worried about whether you have what it takes to get a four-year degree, breaking it into two achievable steps can help you be successful.

What's Next?

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