Online Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Online Bachelor Of Arts
In General Studies

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Online Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

It’s Never Too Late to Finish Your Degree

  • No test scores needed to apply
  • No application fee required
  • Earn credit for prior learning
  • Lowest cost of any SC four-year college

A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies gives you a well-rounded, liberal arts education focused on the skills necessary to start or advance your career. The online general studies degree is particularly focused on providing a targeted degree option for adult learners who attained some college credit but were not able to finish their degree. The general studies degree provides a clear and convenient path to finishing your degree and expanding their professional prospects.

All of SMC’s online degree programs provide the same coursework, professional development program, and internship opportunities as our traditional, on-campus programs. Students learn from many of the same faculty who teach in our classrooms. All advising and other support functions are provided online by staff experienced in serving remote students.

Classes start every 8 weeks

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January 2025

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Get Credit for Your Work and Life Experience

At SMC, we make finishing your degree as easy as possible. No matter why you didn’t finish your degree, you shouldn’t have to start from scratch. Your work and life experiences are worth something, and you should get credit for them.

In addition to any college credits you have already earned, you may also qualify for credit from your on-the-job experience, military service, professional certifications, and more. Taking classes isn’t the only way you can learn the concepts taught in degree programs.

We’re here to help you get your degree and advance your career. You may be surprised what experiences in your life will get you college credit. Contact us today to find out how many credits you may already have toward your degree.

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Why Get a BA Degree in General Studies at SMC?

  • Enhance your career without interrupting it. Our program is flexible AND affordable, so you can start or finish your education while you keep working.
  • Improve your job prospects. With a bachelor’s degree from SMC, you will show employers your commitment to learning and making an impact right away with our professional development program.
  • Make more money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn approximately $900 more per week than those with just a high school diploma.

Advance Your Career

A general studies degree can prepare you for a variety of careers and develop a broadened professional skill set. Through exposure to different academic disciplines, a general studies degree will give you specialized knowledge and practical skills that align with the expectations of diverse and dynamic workplaces.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies, you’ll expand your professional skill set with the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrating mastery of writing, reading, and critical thinking,
  • Developing a robust skill set that nurtures analytical and creative thinking while getting equipped to become problem solvers who can share ideas effectively and contribute positively to your community,
  • Demonstrating broad knowledge of the physical, social, and cultural worlds as well as the methods by which this knowledge is produced,
  • Applying interdisciplinary knowledge to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges, and
  • Expanding your professional skill set to provide better prospects for moving up in your current career or pursuing a new, advanced career.

Find Your Dream Job

A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies goes beyond a narrow focus providing students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. This program will prepare students to advance or being in various career fields, including:

  • Communications and Media – journalism, public relations, and digital media.
  • Business and Management – business manager, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  • Education and Student Support Services – education, curriculum development, and advising.
  • Social Services – social work, community development, and non-profit work.
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Technology and Innovation – project management, data analysis, and logistics.
  • Environmental Sustainability – conservation and environmental protection.
  • Government and Public Policy
  • Human Resources – talent acquisition and organizational development.

Arts and Culture Management – arts administration, cultural event management, and museum curation.

Quick Facts

  • Classes start every 8 weeks

    Enroll full-time or part-time. Each online degree course runs for 8 weeks.

  • Program Cost

    $335 per credit hour. Your bachelor's degree cost will be lower with financial aid and transfer credits. Compare SMC's cost to other online degree programs.

  • Financial Aid

    Federal and state grants, employer reimbursement, GI Bills - find out how financial aid can reduce the cost of your Associate of Arts degree.

  • Transfer qualifying credits

    Cut your online bachelor's degree completion time and reduce tuition costs by bringing up to 30 hours of qualifying college credits with you. More information about transfer credits.


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