Online Bachelor of Arts – Business

Online Bachelor of Arts - Business

A Bachelor’s Degree Opens the Door to Your Future

  • No test scores needed to apply
  • No application fee required
  • Earn credit for prior learning

The Bachelor of Arts with a Business Concentration is a versatile online degree for students who are interested in advancing in or entering into the business world. This is an excellent credential for a variety of career paths.

For even more versatility, pair your BA with Business Concentration with an additional concentration in either Psychology or Criminal Justice. These combinations make your SMC bachelor's degree even more relevant and valuable to employers in a wider range of career paths.

Classes start every 8 weeks

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May 25, 2022

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Why Get a BA Degree with a Concentration in Business at SMC? 

  • Make your degree more adaptable. Adding a psychology or criminal justice concentration does not add time to your degree, but does add additional skills and training that will set you up for success in a variety of career paths, including careers investigating corporate and financial crimes.
  • Enhance your career without interrupting it. Our program is flexible AND affordable, so you can start or finish your education while you keep working.
  • Improve your job prospects. With a bachelor’s degree from SMC, you will show employers your commitment to learning and making an impact right away with our professional development program.
  • Make more money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with a bachelor’s degree earn approximately $900 more per week than those with just a high school diploma.

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Getting your BA with a Business Concentration plus an additional concentration in Psychology or Criminal Justice future-proofs your degree against changes in the career landscape. Career opportunities include:

  • sales
  • marketing
  • consumer analytics
  • human resources
  • criminal justice management

A psychology concentration also opens doors for more intensive study in forensic psychology and corrections counseling.

You will also have the tools to move into a role in emerging criminal justice fields like social and restorative justice.

Quick Facts

  • Classes start every 8 weeks

    Enroll full-time or part-time. Each online degree course runs for 8 weeks.

  • Program Cost

    $300 per credit hour. Your bachelor's degree cost will be lower with financial aid and transfer credits. Compare SMC's cost to other online degree programs.

  • Financial Aid

    Federal and state grants, employer reimbursement, GI Bills - find out how financial aid can reduce the cost of your Associate of Arts degree.

  • Transfer qualifying credits

    Cut your online bachelor's degree completion time and reduce tuition costs by bringing up to 30 hours of qualifying college credits with you. More information about transfer credits.


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