SMC's Federal School Code: 003447

Add SMC in the "School Selection" section of the FAFSA, even if you haven’t applied or been accepted yet. We'll receive your FAFSA information automatically.

3 Incredibly Important FAFSA Tips

#1. START EARLY. You can fill out the FAFSA online beginning October 1 of the year BEFORE you plan to attend college. The earlier you start, the larger financial aid award you are likely to receive.

(But don't freak out: if school starts soon and you still haven't filled out a FAFSA, submit one anyway. Some forms of aid are reserved for all who need it. Something is better than nothing!)

#2. DO NOT LOSE YOUR FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID. When you create your ID (your parents might need to create one, too), keep it in a SAFE PLACE. If you lose it and need to get back into your FAFSA online account, it is REALLY HARD to get a new ID and could mean you lose the chance to submit or make changes to your FAFSA.

#3. GET FAFSA HELP IF YOU NEED IT. The FAFSA is a federal form and is lengthy and confusing for many people to complete. Before you dive in, don't be afraid to ask for help or visit one of the many websites that explain how to fill out the FAFSA. Here are some we like: