Online Payment

Online Payment

Online Payment – SMC now offers online payment/payment plans through your student portal.


Students may view and pay their bills online themselves or authorize someone – usually a parent or other family member – to pay for them.

Students:  Access your Student Account and make a payment on your bill by:

1. Sign into Self Service at

2. Log in using your SMC username and password. If you are having issues logging in, please email

3. Select “Student Finance”.

4. Your first visit to this page will present you with a Financial Responsibility Agreement.  You are agreeing to pay your bill with Spartanburg Methodist College. Select “Agree”.

5. Select “Make a Payment” and “Continue to Payment Center”.

6. Select “Make a Payment”. Select “Current” for the current term or “Pay by Term” for other than the current term.

7. Enter the amount you would like to pay. Select “Continue”.

8. Enter payment information.

9. Agree to payment conditions. Select “Continue”.

10. Submit payment and view receipt.

11. To see previous receipts, go to “My Account” and “Payment History”.


Students can designate an authorized user (parent, relative, guardian, etc.), who can view their account and make payments on their behalf via their student portal.  If a student designates an authorized user, the user will receive emails notifying him or her that new statements are available for viewing.

1. Sign into Self Service at  Under “My Profile Setup” select “Authorized Users”.

2. Select “Add Authorized User”. Provide the email address for your authorized user(s) and choose their level of access. 

3. Authorized Users will receive and email notification confirming their authorization and instructions on next steps.