Bachelor of Arts

SMC’s customizable Bachelor of Arts Degree is an interdisciplinary degree program that lets you choose two concentrations (similar to majors) without adding extra time or coursework to your degree.

When you customize your degree for your interests, you have a stronger education experience AND graduate with a degree that prepares you to qualify for more jobs available now and new careers in the future.

Build a Degree to Help You Reach Your Goals

Concentrations are similar to majors, but require fewer credit hours to complete. With two concentrations, your degree will be more applicable to more careers – which is vital in the rapidly-changing workplace.

Customize your choices with disciplines that complement each other or that you enjoy. For example, pairing criminal justice with psychology or business with English will improve and broaden your skills. Why? Because studying human behaviors will strengthen your understanding of why people commit crimes. And business is about communicating value to customers – studying English is a great way to improve your communication skills.

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