Kingman Hall

Kingman Hall

Quick Facts:

  • Women’s Hall (can be coed based on enrollment)
  • Freshmen only
  • 2-bedroom suites
  • Each room is shared with one student.
  • Adjoining bathroom shared with three students.
  • Keycard access
  • Wi-Fi and cable internet connections
  • Laundry facilities
  • Vending machines
  • Furnished Lobby
  • Study rooms

Room Specifications:

Window: 44 1/4″ W x 60″ H
Floor: 171.1 sq ft.
Mattress size: 39″ x 80″

Kingman Hall is a two-story, 60-room residence hall housing 115 students. Kingman also houses the campus health center and the Campus Police Station.

  • Kingman-Residence-HallKingman Hall exterior
  • Kingman-Residence-Hall-3Shared bedroom
  • Kingman-Residence-Hall-2Shared bedroom view
  • Kingman-Residence-Hall-4

    Floor plan