SMC Adds Psychology Bachelor’s Degree

SMC Adds New Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

SMC Expands Curriculum with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC) is expanding its academic offerings by adding a new Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree this fall. The new program will include SMC’s signature Camak Core professional development concentration.

“Psychology is a very diverse field of study that provides opportunities in a wide array of career paths,” said Mary Jane Farmer, Ph.D., chair of the Psychology and Sociology department at SMC. “We’re excited to provide our students with this new degree program and expand their opportunities.”

Psychology is an increasingly popular college major for a generation of students who are more focused on mental health. It is becoming a highly sought after professional field as well, with The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting 8 percent growth in psychologist positions through 2030.

“I am very excited about the new degree being added to the curriculum,” said Madison McCall, an SMC sophomore from Spartanburg. “Being able to get a degree in psychology from SMC is great because I can pursue the education I want at a place that I love so much.”

The number of students taking the psychology concentration in the College’s existing interdisciplinary degree program has increased by 74 percent since it was introduced in 2020, showing strong interest in the discipline.

“Psychology is an intriguing field that can develop students for work in nearly any profession,” Dr. Farmer said. “This new degree adds to our ability to attract more students.”

The new program expands on the College’s current psychology concentration by providing students a degree focused entirely on psychology. Students will complete 36 total hours of psychology-focused courses compared to 18 hours with the multi-concentration format of the interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree currently offered.

The new psychology degree will include SMC’s unique professional development curriculum, the Camak Core. The Camak Core is a required set of courses that focus on teaching students professional skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and professional communication.

With the psychology degree and the Camak Core skills, students will be better prepared to enter the workforce in a number of professions, including therapy, human resources, education, management, and more.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is the third individual bachelor’s degree added since SMC began offering four-year degrees in 2019. It will also be offered in the college’s SMC Online program. The school also offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, as well as six associate degrees.

SMC’s various financial aid programs offer all students an opportunity to pursue a college education. Its Full-Tuition Scholarship provides South Carolina Life Scholarship eligible students with a 3.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) free tuition. The new Pioneer Promise scholarship adds coverage for fees and books to students with a 4.0 GPA or higher. The College’s financial aid office works closely with students and their parents to identify all possible sources of aid to make their college dreams come true.

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