SMC Opens ‘Rescue by Jews During the Holocaust’ Exhibit

SMC Opens ‘Rescue by Jews During the Holocaust’ Exhibit 

A new exhibit on display at Spartanburg Methodist College shares the moving stories of numerous figures involved in efforts to help protect and save Jewish people during the holocaust. The exhibit is a collaboration between SMC’s art and history departments and Yad Vashem: The World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

This stirring display of courage and struggle is being exhibited at SMC’s Ellis Hall Gallery until October 12.

SMC opened the exhibit with a reception on September 21, featuring opening comments from Rabbi Yossi Liebowitz of Temple B’nai Israel in Spartanburg. Rabbi Yossi reflected on the powerful message the exhibit provides, particularly as the time quickly approaches where the last remaining survivors of the holocaust are passing.

The traveling exhibit was brought to SMC by Yad Vashem, one of the premier holocaust remembrance organizations in the world. Holt worked with the organization to bring the exhibit to the College and is excited to have work from such a prestigious institute on campus.

Check the video above for comments from the opening.

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