Closing & Delay Information

Closing & Delay Information

Current Status

The campus is operating under normal conditions.

Closing or Delay Communication Channels:

In the event of inclement weather, natural disasters or other emergency situations, the college uses e2Campus to quickly update the campus community. Our first priority is notifying students and employees. External notifications  will be made as soon as possible.

All faculty, staff and students automatically receive e2Campus alerts via their SMC email accounts and text message.

In the event of closing or delays, detailed information and instructions will be emailed to the campus community and, if appropriate, posted to this web page.

The external SMC community will be notified of closing or delays via the front page of the college's website, the college's Facebook and Instagram accounts, and these local media:

Please note that reporting closings to local media is automated and does not allow for customization or full information. Information may also run incorrectly. Always check SMC-owned sources for the latest, accurate information.