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Transferring to SMC is easy and affordable.

If you have a qualifying associate degree, SMC guarantees ALL of your credits transfer* into our bachelor's degree programs. You may also be eligible for FREE tuition.

*AA, AS, AFA degrees qualify for full credits transfer.  AAS, AAA, AOS, AAT degree holders' credit reviewed by course, but not eligible for all-credits transfer.
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Apply for Admission AND Financial Aid in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Submit the FREE application for admission

Step 2: Submit your transcripts for a FAST review of your credits

Step 3: Submit a free FAFSA using SMC's school code 003447

In most cases, you'll get an answer about acceptance within three business days of submitting your application and transcripts.

Major in career and life skills at the same time you earn a degree

The Camak Core is SMC's career/life skills "major" featuring hands-on experiences for all students.


Communication, teamwork, collaboration, understanding information, and problem-solving are skills that need to be learned and practiced. Employers want you to have those skills before you start work, no matter what career path you choose.  You'll learn these and other skills by participating in project-based and hands-on learning experiences in your Camak Core classes.
Pro tip: these same career skills that can make you a main character at work can also make you a main character in life.

Your tuition may be FREE!

Got good grades? SMC rewards your hard work with two scholarships that cover the cost of tuition...and more.

Full Tuition Scholarship (food/housing/fees not included)

FREE TUITION for students with a 3.0+ GPA and taking on-campus classes. Must be eligible for the South Carolina LIFE Scholarship and maintain eligibility. This scholarship covers the full cost of your SMC tuition. Details here.

Pioneer Promise Scholarship (food/housing not included)

FREE TUITION, FEES AND BOOKS for students with a 4.0+ GPA taking on-campus classes. You must be eligible for the South Carolina LIFE Scholarship and maintain eligibility. Details here

Got Questions?
When you submit your free application and FAFSA, you are automatically considered for all SMC scholarships - there is no extra work for you to do to apply for financial aid. For questions about eligibility for aid, FAFSA help, etc., click here to contact an SMC Financial Aid Counselor.

WATCH: See how SMC does FREE. Emily explains our Full Tuition & Pioneer Promise Scholarships.

Compare SMC's Cost to Other SC Colleges


Compare the costs to attend these South Carolina colleges and see how affordable SMC can be when you transfer to finish your bachelor's degree.

  • If you're planning to enroll in on-campus programs and you're a South Carolina LIFE Scholar, you may be able to attend SMC and pay $0 in tuition, books and fees.
  • If you prefer to finish your bachelor's degree online, SMC has one of the lowest per-credit-hour costs of any South Carolina four-year college or university, or of any national online college.

Geovana Batres Ardon Wins First Place in APEX Showcase 

Senior Capstone Presentations Culminate Career Skills Learning  

APEX Showcase Winners

Geovana Batres Ardon wins first place with "A College Path Para Todos"

Shelby Allisun Lopez finished second with "Art by Shelby Allisun"

Cristian Bonilla Cruz finished third with "ESL with English Crossing"


The ONLY SC college that accepts ALL your degree credits.

Transferring to another college can increase costs and lengthen the time it takes to finish your degree. Why? You may have to re-take classes to get degree credit. But not when you transfer to SMC with a completed associate degree. SMC accepts all 60 hours of your credits and guarantees admission into our bachelor's degree program.*

*AA, AS, AFA degrees qualify for full credits transfer.  AAS, AAA, AOS, AAT degree holders' credit reviewed by course, but not eligible for all-credits transfer. Students must meet minimum 2.0 GPA admission requirements for transfer into bachelor's degree programs.

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transfer tips

  • Why credits matter

    At SMC, you'll enter our bachelor's degree program as a junior because all 60 of your credits transfer (with a qualifying completed associate degree). That means you only have an additional 60 credits to earn toward a bachelor's degree.

  • Get a decision fast(er)

    Get an admissions decision from SMC within three business days of submitting an application and your official college transcripts. Not ready to request transcripts? We get it - they cost money! You can submit screenshots or photos of your grades and courses from your college's student portal with your application.

  • If you don't have a qualifying associate degree

    You can still transfer to SMC! Submit an application and our Admissions team will review your college transcript and let you know which courses will transfer for credit.

Career Readiness Courses are Included in Your Degree

At all colleges, your academic concentration gives you the specialized skills you need to get a job in your chosen field. Specialized skills are the foundational knowledge you need to manage a business, become a mental health counselor, work as a lawyer or police officer, etc.

All SMC bachelor's degrees also include a concentration (a set of courses) in career readiness called the Camak Core Concentration (named for SMC's founder). Your Camak Core courses teach you the professional skills required for success in every job. These skills include communication, problem-solving, leadership, writing, organization and many others. It takes most people years to develop these skills AFTER they get their first real jobs. At SMC, you'll graduate with them.

Employers hire, promote and reward graduates who have both kinds of skills, specialized and professional. SMC is the only college in the United States that includes them in a bachelor's degree program because we know how crucial they are for your future success.

Learn more about the Camak Core and how it will help speed up your career success.

Watch: Hear How the Camak Core Attracted Conor DePaoli ('24) to SMC

Hear How the Camak Core Helped Rodney Setzer ('23) in the Workplace

Colorful pie chart showing 50% of SMC's bachelor's degree is general education, 25% is academic major and 25% is career preparation.


Concentrations  (Choose one + Camak Core Career Prep Concentration):

Management and Entrepreneurship
Marketing and Sales

Prepare for careers in therapy, social work, education and more
(Includes the Camak Core Career Prep Concentration)

Blue and green pie chart showing 50% of SMC's customizable bachelor's degree is general education. The other half is divided into three areas: two academic concentrations and a professional development concentration.

Concentrations (Choose two + Camak Core Career Prep Concentration):


Criminal Justice





Student Testimonials

SMC students share their stories about transferring to SMC.