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What they are: Fun, computerized quizzes that help you understand your personality, interests, vocational skills and career values.

How they help: By uncovering your values, dreams and career goals, assessments can help affirm the direction you want to go in, or they can help you see that you may be happier pursuing a different path. This is the first step in creating a plan to determine the next steps in your academic career. The more you understand yourself and the opportunities that are available to you, the easier it will be to create your personal career plan.

What it costs: FREE.

What are the tests?

  • The PTI (Personality Type Inventory — based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • The SIGI3 (System of Integrated Guidance Information, Third Edition)
  • The SDS (John Holland’s Self Directed Search)

Students who participate in this process will be provided with a Career Personal Profile (CPP).


Internship Opportunities

Want to succeed in your chosen career? Are you trying to decide which career path is right for you? An internship is the BEST way to feel confident about your career path. What it is: An internship is a short-term “job” during which an employer agrees to let you “try out” a position for a period of a few weeks or months. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and most employers will work around your busy college schedule in order to help you get work experience. Benefits:

  • test a particular job or field to see if you like it before you are “stuck” in a particular major or path
  • learn how to manage a professional work setting, which is much different than a school or social setting
  • get valuable work experience that will make you more attractive to employers
  • develop new skills that will make you a more well-rounded person
  • apply your classroom knowledge in the workplace
  • meet and network with people who can help you start your career
  • put a “foot in the door” at a company or organization that may hire you

How do I get an internship?  We’ll work with you to find the right internship to meet your interests and career goals. You’ll need a few tools in place before you apply for an internship, including:

  • a clear, brief resume
  • a cover letter (in some cases)

Professional Development &
The Camak Core

What is Professional Development? Let’s start by defining what it isn’t: It isn’t just for people who wear suits to a flashy corporate office. Professional development has benefits for every person who works or who plans to work, regardless of their job or career.

At SMC, you’ll have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops and presentations to learn the skills, attitudes and behaviors that will help you succeed in the world of work, whether you plan to run a business, babysit for a living, work in healthcare or work for a global corporation. These same skills, attitudes and behaviors will also help you succeed in college and at life.

Professional Development opportunities at SMC will help you: 

  • get applicable, real-world experiences for confidence in choosing the right major and career path
  • learn skills that will lead to higher-paying part-time jobs and freelance opportunities so you can earn money while still in school
  • discover how to set yourself apart from your competition for jobs, scholarships, and internships
  • create your vision for how you want to lead your life, both professionally and personally
  • learn how to “do something” or “start something”
  • earn degree credit in our bachelor’s degree program via SMC’s unique Camak Core.

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Director of Professional Development: Internships and Employer Relations

The Ballard Center

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Career Services Coordinator

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