Degrees and Programs

Degrees and Programs

2-Year and 4-year degrees

SMC offers degrees that help you achieve your career goals in manageable steps. All SMC students earn an Associate Degree (two-year degree) as part of their path to a Bachelor’s Degree (four-year degree).


Earn a valuable degree during your first two years of college.

  • Arts (Arts & Letters majors such as English, history, math, psychology, foreign languages, etc.)
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice (offered as a traditional classroom-based program or online)
  • Fine Arts
  • Religious Studies
  • Science (Majors such as health care-related disciplines, veterinary, physical and natural sciences, etc.)

The Bachelor’s Degree with Concentrations in Business, English, History and Religion + Camak Core Career Development

SMC’s first four-year degree is designed to prepare you for careers available today AND in the future.  Available to students who have an Associate Degree or the equivalent  in college course credit hours.

  • Choose two concentrations to make your degree more broadly useful in the workplace and more valuable to employers. Concentrations are like majors, but with fewer required hours.
  • 1/3 of your degree will include courses in Career Development (skills and experiences for personal and career success) that will make you career-ready for nearly any job path you choose.